Belgrade Fair

Belgrade Fair

Address: Bulevar vojvode Mišića 14

City: Belgrade

ZIP code: 11000

Country: Serbia

Phone: +381 11 2655 377

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About us

Belgrade Fair offers many offices and exhibiting facilities for organizing cultural, sports and other events, as well as warehouse facilities. To the every exhibitor Belgrade Fair provides complete service in one place. One more service that Belgrade Fair provides, more precisely Project Bureau is construction and decoration of exhibitor's display. Also, construction of stands, exhibitions, presentations and other events can be provided within Belgrade Fair's premises and in other sites.


The Hall 1 has circular in shape, and it is covered by a dome spanning 109 m, which is at present the largest dome in the world constructed by prestressed concrete. The hall 1 is constructed in levels: basement, arena, ground floor, 1st gallery, 2nd gallery and the connecting part toward the West Wing, and the maximum ceiling height at the hall crown is 30.78 m. All levels of the hall 1 can be used as exhibiting space, except than the basement, where offices, the hall warehouse and auxiliary facilities are located. All external exhibiting space walls are made of glass from the floor level to the dome, providing penetration of daylight into the building. The total area of Hall 1 is 21,280 sqm, of which the exhibiting space covers 15,030 sqm.

The Hall 1A is situated between the Central Hall and the Hall 2 and it has two levels. At the lower level there are garages, offices and auxiliary facilities, warehouse facilities and at the upper level the exhibiting space is constructed as two smaller facilities, connected and covered by the same roof. The exhibiting part external walls are in glass from the floor to the ceiling. The total area of hall 1A is 3,333 sqm of which 1,163 sqm are used as exhibition spaces.

Hall 2 is designed as two connected square parts, each one at two levels. Also, hall 2 has got a gallery above the two levels. Three of four levels can be used as exhibiting space and the fourth level of Hall 2 is used for warehouse and auxiliary facilities. The maximum height of the Hall in the center is 22.6 m. All external walls of the exhibiting space (except the two ones at B level) are made of glass from the floor to the spherical section. The total hall area is 14,427 sqm of which 9,239 sqm are used as the exhibiting space, and 1,192 sqm is used as a businessmen club.

The Hall 3 has a rectangular shape, with arched walls which on the shorter sides has two levels and a gallery, and the basement section is used for the warehouse and auxiliary facilities, whereas the ground floor and gallery for exhibiting. 20.32 m is the maximum height in the hall center. All external walls of the halls exhibition space (except the ground floor section under the gallery) are made from glass from the floor to the spherical section. The total area is 8,109 sqm, of which the exhibiting space covers an area of 4,438 sqm.

The Hall 3A is rectangular in shape and thanks to the terraces it is connected to the Halls 2 and 3. The hall has 2 levels occupying the surface of 2,190 sqm, of which 1,468 sqm is used as the exhibiting space and the rest belongs to the offices, warehouse and auxiliary facilities. External walls, more precisely 3 of exhibiting space are made of glass from the floor to the ceiling.

The Hall 4 has a rectangular reinforced concrete structure, and three levels.
The ground level is used as exhibition area and it has the height of 4 m under the gallery, but the height in the central part is 8.70 m. To the East Wing it is connected by a passageway.

The Hall 5 represents a multi-purpose facility which can host a wide range of events such as: conventions, seminars, concerts, shows, promotions, fairs, exhibitions, etc. The Hall 5 was renovated at the beginning of 2009, and it is located across the Hall 3 in a succession of Halls by the river Sava embankment.
Hall 5 is designed as one-level rectangular facility, and the support structure and roofing are built of prefabricated steel elements.

For the construction of the facade walls are used aluminium structure with the thermo insulated glass and Hunter-Douglas panels with sound and thermal insulation. The main entrance is located at the Hall's front, with direct approach from the Fairground road. Also, in front of Hall 5 is parking. Sanitary premises and fire-escape doors are on the Hall's right side and technical entrance is on the left.

Conference capacities

Belgrade Fair has three halls of different capacities, which are suitable for organization of various kinds of events. Festive room is located in the Head Office, and small and large conference room are located in Hall 4.

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Name U oblik sale T oblik sale Ucionica sala Konferencija sala Konferencija sala Pozoriste sala Kabare sala Banket sala Koktel sala Povrsina sala Dimenzije sale
Large Conference Room 110 110 30 90 0 300 - 300 300 330 -
Small Conference Room 50 50 15 35 25 50 - 0 0 116 -
70 70 20 55 75 150 - - - 240 -

* Capacities by halls for different seating styles

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GPS coordinates

20.436415 (Dužine / Longitude)

44.796453 (Širine / Latitude)

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