20.273 km²
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GTM+1, GTM+2

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The total accommodation capacities according to the categorization of hotels (5, 4, 3 and 2 stars) of this destination are shown in the table below:

Hotels 10 86 103 105
Rooms 1183 5595 4929 3965
Beds 1709 9996 8841 8234

Statistical Report of the International Congress Association (ICCA)

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Rank 44 44 47 47 49 46 44
No of international congresses 44 54 51 57 47 65 73


Kongres za srčanu insuficijenciju Evropskog udruženja kardiologa 2012, Beograd (2,800 učesnika) Evropski kongres o upravljanju sistemima - EUROMAINTENANCE 2012, Beograd (700 učesnika) 5. Kongres Evropske asocijacije za intezinvu negu 2013, Beograd (1.500 učesnika) Kongres Evropskog udruženja za kolopraktologe - ESCP 2013, Beograd (1.500 učesnika) 10. Kongres Evropskog udruženja za menopauzu i andropauzu - EMAS 2014, Beograd (2.000 učesnika)


37. Međunarodni sajam turizma IFT, 19. - 24. februar 2014., Beogradski sajam, Beograd 39. Međunarodni sajam građevinarstva (UFI) - South East Europe Belgrade Building Expo, 16.- 20.april 2013., Beogradski sajam, Beograd


Robert Kranjec

Robert Kranjec is a Slovenian ski jumper who belongs to the world's best active ski flying athletes. He won a bronze medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics. In 2012 he won the Ski-Flying World Championship with 244m, and thus became the Slovenia's third World Champion in ski jumping and the first in ski flying. He also set a new national record.

Janez Avgustin Puhar

Janez Avgustin Puhar was a Slovenian priest, photographer, painter and poet. In 1841 he invented a process for making photographs on glass, what was recognized in 1852 in Paris by the National Agricultural Academy, Manufacturing and Trade. The "Janez Puhar Photo Society Kranj", named by him, established in 1910, is the oldest Slovenian photographic society.

Ivana Kobilca

Ivana Kobilca was Slovenia’s most important woman painter and represents the generation of Slovene realists. She studied and worked in Vienna, Munich, Paris, Sarajevo, Berlin, and Ljubljana. She mostly painted portraits. Paintings by Kobilca are exhibited in all the major galleries in Europe.

Baron Jurij Bartolomej Vega

Baron Jurij Bartolomej Vega was a Slovene mathematician, physicist and artillery officer. Vega published a series of books of logarithm tables. In 1789 Vega achieved a world record when he calculated pi to 140 places. He was awarded the Order of Maria Theresa in 1796. In 1800 Vega obtained a title of hereditary baron including the right to his own coat of arms.

Ivan Cankar

Ivan Cankar was the greatest Slovene short story writer and dramatist, a universal representative of Slovene Modernism. His best-known works are the play Hlapci ("Serfs"), the satire Pohujsanje v dolini Sentflorijanski (Scandal in St. Florian Valley) and the novel Na klancu (On the Hill). In 1899 Cankar published his first collection of poetry under the title Erotika.