Fudeks doo Belgrade

Address: Balkanska 47 street

City: Belgrade

Zip code: 11000

County: Serbia

About us

Fudeks Company Ltd. was founded in 1989. Over the years, Fudeks has achieved a great success in business, in relation to international and domestic road passenger transport.

Fudeks has 30 buses and 10 vans.

Buses are high tourist class, not older than 10 years, air-conditioned, fully equipped with TV, video and audio equipment, with toilet and a refrigerator.
well as a warehouse for spare parts.

Our clients

Telenor Serbia,
Bayer GmbH,
Hellenic Group Coca Cola,
Jolly Travel Turkey,
Rehau Gmbh,
Boeringer Ingelheim

GPS Coordinates

Fudeks doo Belgrade is located on the following GPS coordinates:

44.808 (Širine / Latitude)
20.456 (Dužine / Longitude)

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Fudeks doo Belgrade