Business Travel & Services - Kompas

Address: Obilićev venac 18 - 20

City: Belgrade

Zip code: 11000

County: Serbia

Phone: +381 11 3960 388

About us

Business travel & services (BTS) - Kompas is an agency which organizes business and provide services to corporate clients according to the needs of their companies, teams and individuals who perform specific tasks at home and abroad.

BTS - Kompas is committed to providing high quality services to make the journey proceeded as client, their business partners and associates planned, whether it is contracting, visiting business meetings, conventions, trade shows, conferences, seminars and study trips and motivational.

Agency is available when the need for the organization of corporate meeting planning, building and nurturing business teams, educational meetings … in one word for all travel, and events which are required by corporate obligations of clinets.

For its clients and their families BTS - Kompas organizes holidays at home and abroad tailored to their wishes and needs.

BTS - Kompas insist on the highest level of service, fostering best practices and high professionalism of its employees as the most important resource. When they talk about the they work, they think of the creativity and imagination that drive them, the details of which they care, that they work with passion and a decent memory.

BTS - Kompas is there to meet the expectations of their clients.

Our clients

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Business Travel & Services - Kompas is located on the following GPS coordinates:

44.816128 (Širine / Latitude)
20.457645 (Dužine / Longitude)

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